Current Projects

Editorial and review work

I am the Managing Editor of the International Journal of Cyber Criminology. I’m also a member of the editorial board.

I’m a member of the editorial board of the Cyberpsychology Behavior & Social Networking journal, and am the guest editor of a special issue on the Psychology of Cybercrime. I also review for over 20 journals, book publishers, funding agencies and awards councils, including the Undergraduate Awards.



“EconoMical, PsycHologicAl and Societal Impact of RanSomware (EMPHASIS)” is a research project funded by the UK EPSRC including an international consortium from City University London, the University of Leeds, the University of Kent, DeMontfort University, TU Delft (The Netherlands), and Flinders University (Australia).


Online Presentation of Self
A project involving researchers from the University of Sydney (Australia), the Texas Woman’s University (USA), and the University of Wolverhampton (UK). We’re currently recruiting, and participants are welcome at


Early pregnancy and online behaviour
This research examines the uses of online resources by those in very early pregnancy.




I’m current chair of the Psychological Society of Ireland’s Special Interest Group in Media, the Arts, and Cyberpsychology. We organise events for members and the general public on a wide range of topics, and are currently planning a cyberpsychology conference for August 2018 in conjunction with the cyberpsychology group in the British Psychological Society.


I am a chartered psychologist (BPS) and a lecturer, researcher and author in the area of cyberpsychology. My particular areas of interest include cybercrime, online health/support seeking, and the psychological applications of virtual reality.

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