Rollercoaster ride from virtual reality to real friends.

Expecting to give birth last September, 50 women shared their pregnancy online – then finally met up.
Sheila Wayman

Just over a year ago they were a bunch of strangers, scattered around Ireland and abroad, with one thing in common: they were all women expecting babies in September 2013.

Now it is as if they have been friends for life. Sitting chatting in a Dublin hotel, babes in arms, they are at ease in each others’ company. They have shared a life-changing journey and told each other things along the way that they may not have shared with anybody else; not even their partners.

They are mothers of their time, using the internet to bond, but then successfully converting “virtual” friendships into real life. At their latest meet-up, it’s astonishing to see a whole host of babies, all aged about five months, gathered in one place.

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